5 Black Must-Haves

Black is one of my favourite classic colours, if not yours, I’m here to change your mind and help you embrace this colour that is absolutely perfect for every occasion. Black will never go out of style. If you are ever unsure what colour is appropriate to wear in what setting, you can never go … Continue reading 5 Black Must-Haves

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It is an online game entirely based on Wikipedia pages. You are given two random Wikipedia pages and you have to traverse from the starting page to other pages by clicking on the links. The first person to reach the end page wins. You can play this with your friends, family or enter an online contest.
Write an email to your future self about your experience during quarantine. You can schedule the email to be sent whenever you want. I know it sounds kind of pathetic but you will have fun reading it a few years down the line.


You can make the most of this time by volunteering online. You’ll not only help someone but also get a certificate for your portfolio. Be kind and help anyone you can during these tough times.
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