Planning a self-care day? Here are my favourite essentials

Well, what’s not to love about a relaxing bath?

A study reveals that taking a one-hour bath is as good as doing an hour of exercise. That is one of the few reasons having a hot bath is my favourite self-care activities of all time.

The bathroom is a haven for many of us. Taking shower can energise you for the morning and a long hot bath in the evening can soothe all your troubles. Since we spend so much time in our bathrooms, it makes sense that we should put a little effort into decking it out with the key bathroom essentials.

Everyone loves a good pampering session when it comes to skin and there’s nothing better than an all body skin treatment. Especially, since life has so many ways to mess things up! So today I’ll be sharing with you my 7 favourite bathing essentials that I use to create a relaxing at home spa experience!

  • Soap or Shower Gel

Most people have a preference of either one of them. But personally, I don’t just use or like only one of them.

As for soaps, anything organic or hand-made seals the deal for me. Here are some of them:

Never underestimate the power of a superb shower gel: the best of them can leave your skin softer, after a couple of uses. Plus, it makes you smell like a treat! My favourites include:

  • Bath bombs

After shoes, these are every girl’s best friend because there is nothing bath bombs can’t fix! Imagine jumping (not literally) into a tub filled with exploding fragrances just by popping in a melting bath bomb. The idea of a fizzing plop to calm you down has completely transformed the concept of bubble baths, thanks to Lush who first came up with the idea 20 years ago. But soon, other brands jumped onto the bandwagon, and now, there are tons of options out there.

Today, bath bombs have become synonymous with Lush, and honestly, they really do make the best bath bombs. I’ve only tried a few, but they did give me a spa treatment at home. Here are the ones that I loved:

  • Bubble Bar

Frothy and fragrant bubbles are at your fingertips with bubble bars. These are super easy to use. You can literally create a luxurious and inviting bath in seconds with this. If bath bombs are too much for you, you can always turn to bubble bars.

I was introduced to these again, by Lush. To be honest, Lush is one of the best brands for body and skin care products. It creates products that are organic, hand-made and eco-friendly. They are against animal testing, also their bath products are packaging free.

Some bubble bars that you should definitely checkout are:

  • Deep sleep jelly

  This is another Lush exclusive product which actually does what its name says. If you’re the type of person that has to stare at the ceiling for an hour before finally drifting off to sleep, then there’s a new product out there that will help you slip into dreams easily. It’s a blob of jelly that lathers up once it hits water and then proceeds to act like the usual bar of soap.

It really does work when it comes to melting your stresses away. It’s packed with blue chamomile and fine lavender oil, which has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and calm the mind.

As always when it comes to Lush products their shower jellies are vegan and 100 percent cruelty free, the brand never tests their finished products on animals. It’s also 100 percent handmade which makes it so jiggly. Out of everything in this list, you sould really give this one a try.

  • Body scrub

Body scrubs are like the dessert to the skin-care world. They shouldn’t replace your go-to body wash, but you’re missing out on a major treat if you skip a body scrub in your showering routine.

Exfoliating can be a great way to keep your skin looking vibrant and healthy. On top of it, physical exfoliators feel and smell like an indulgent treat to your dry skin. To make sure that you’re not missing out on a treat for your body, check out the following body scrubs:

  • Loofah

One of the best things that you can do is to use a loofah sponge to make the most out of your shower. It is a very safe product which is well crafted with natural rough fibre like network that helps to exfoliate your body.

I cannot stress enough on how important exfoliation is. It helps you to eliminate dead skin cells and give the smooth skin you’re looking for. Exfoliating with a loofah can also help you increase blood circulation. Addition to all these benefits, you can be assured that there will no be side effects of using a loofah sponge.

  • Face Mask

A face mask, can be a fantastic tool in your beauty arsenal and on the plus side you can use it outside of bathing as well. Face masks are the perfect skincare treatment to help you with your skin concerns.

Face masks don’t just offer results that improve the overall appearance of your skin, they can also be therapeutic, especially when they’re infused with aromatic essentials. Some face masks worth your time :

So set aside a bit of ‘me’ time, draw a hot bath, light some candles and let the above products work their magic. If Chandler could love a bath filled with bath salts and candles, then maybe you could too.

Stay tuned for more!

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Stay safe and be kind!

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