What I’d wear if I was in a Netflix series

If you’re bored and are looking for shows to binge-watch while at home, then Netflix definitely has you covered. Not only can you find reality shows and various food and cooking shows on Netflix, but there’s also a great offering of stylish shows either about fashion, or ones that showcase some of the best wardrobes around.

Binge-watching in the name of fashion is totally legitimate. For some, watching TV-shows on Netflix, becomes an escape from studies. For fashion girls, it’s a different kind of study hour: it’s a time to take note of characters’ wardrobes as inspirations for future outfits. TV-show costume designers are really the fairy godmother we always wanted.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I watch a lot of TV. Well, I’d like to say, it’s because of quarantine! From Friends and Brooklyn-99 to Gossip Girl and Never Have I Ever, there are a very few TV shows that I’ve gone through and let’s just say, not enjoyed. Here at Girls Like Blue Too, I’m all about fashion, so how do I marry two of my great loves? Recreate the best dressed characters on Netflix, of course!

In this post, you will see some of the most outrageous dresses as well as corporate suits coming from a range of different and interesting characters.

  • Veronica Lodge from Riverdale

If you’re going to be a new girl at school, you obviously need to turn heads with your killer ensemble. Veronica did that when she moved in to Riverdale and carried the high-fashion of New York with her.

You can expect plaid dresses with pearl necklaces and Peter Pan collars accessorized with preppy hairbands. She’s basically a 2020 Blair Waldorf.

For this outfit I chose to go with a chic yet formal look with a burgundy coloured off the shoulder top and an A-line leather skirt.

  • Rachel Green from F.r.i.e.n.d.s

Rachel Green will “be there for you” and your fashion dilemmas. She’ll give you 10 seasons worth of simply amazing outfits, from her plaid skirts paired with turtlenecks in earlier seasons to her chic blouse-trouser combos in later ones. Rachel’s style follows that of many fashion girls living in New York, which is the simpler the better.

I went for an outfit that represents “every girl”, I mean who among us doesn’t have a plain black shirt and a black mini skirt? I paired it up with a pair of sheer black stockings and stilettos.

  • Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl

Ever wanted to raid the closet of a television character? Well, she is the one for me. Whether she was slaying her Constance Billiard School uniform by infusing colourful accessories or stepping out for a New York City night with designer bags, this Upper East Sider’s wardrobe was phenomenal. With a fashion designer for a mother, it’s no surprise that Blair has amazing fashion sense.

For this look, I wore a red plaid pencil skirt with a white shirt. I accessorized the look with a red handbag and of course, her signature hair band.


  • Amy Santiago from Brooklyn-99

Amy is an incredibly ambitious and genius detective who always strives for perfection in almost everything she does, including her clothes. Something as small as an undone collar can bother her too.

She is usually seen in a very formal ensemble with. I wore black trousers with a pink shirt underneath a black blazer paired up with stilettos.

  • Devi from Never Have I Ever

A thing that I couldn’t help but love was Devi’s relatable style. Each outfit she wore on the show reminded me of classic wardrobe pieces that every high schooler owns. She has some key wardrobe pieces like plaid miniskirts and structured blazers.

I went for the look where she styles a pair of denim jeans with a striped top and an orange overall.

  • Sabrina from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Netflix has surpassed our expectations with their modern interpretation of this comic book character. Sabrina Spellman is confident and totally trendy. Episode after episode, we’re utterly envious of her wardrobe.

For this outfit, I wore her signature red coloured off the shoulder top with a black skirt. I finished this look by wearing long black boots

That’s it for this time.

Stay tuned for more!

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Stay safe and be kind!

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